Saturday, April 19

New York Knicks - The Isiah Era Finally Ends !!

This picture says it all. Taken from New York Magazine's article titled, "Absolutely, Positively the Worst Team in the History of Professional Sports". WOW !! That is extreme! But you know what? It has much legitimacy as the article breaks down the horror show o f the Isiah regime.
Isiah Thomas was fired on 4/19/08. The end of a dark era in Knick, MSG and NY sports history. Isiah sold it well; creating a sense of anxiousness when he was standing over his coaches from the main tunnel entrance during games. Shiiii, if hall of fame coaches couldn't do it, we were all somehow dumbstruck that he could. Hey, don't get me wrong, I was excited as well, and thought he could make things work. Well, it didn't. Time to go get a fresh new coach and culture in the garden. Some people say its the players, but you cant use that anymore because Isiah brought in all these players, who are overpaid and lack chemistry.
So tough to write about the Knicks this year. I did not want to sound like a fan over-reaching with empty wishful thinking. The terrible season is over. The horror of the Isiah era is over. I can only hope it can not get any worse than the Isiah era. Shii, I'm so irked by the moves and trades by Isiah. I am so certain I can beat him every year, in a fantasy basketball league!
Donnie Walsh is the new President of the team. He was the president at Indiana. He has 30+ years of experience in the league. I think this will help in finding the proper coach and staff to get the franchise back to a winner.

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