Tuesday, April 15

Ortiz Jersey Dug Out from New Yankee Stadium

Gino Castignoli, the man who buried the jersey, amazingly, was raised and resides in the Bronx. He claims he's a Red Sox fan. I don't doubt it, but his radio interview did indicate to me he's just another Yankee-hater. He who probably picked the Sox as a kid just for argument sake (and to be a dik to Yankee fans; that seems to be the prerequiste for them) I'm not gonna get into the makes of the biggest rivalry in sports. I will just write about how wild a sports rivalry between fans has become. Deep rooted and heart felt loyalties. Unbelievable, but true. Or maybe he simply just didn't wanna accept the norm in Bronx. So be it. Just another example of a dumb move by another sorry minded Red Sox fan. What if a Jeter jersey was planted in a new Fenway? Boston would have had the Kennedys representing the legal action suit in a heartbeat!
As of now, the Red Sox nation can't match the Yankee Planet, until 26 to 2 (thats the chanpionship score) changes dramatically. Little brother to big brother, thats just the way it is. That's not gonna happen ever. Plus, I wanna keep going, but I have to say, as well, New York will continue to be the favorite son, until Boston learns how to groom their social looks and personalities to be more ambiable to new blood. New England has always conveyed a 'leave us alone' attitude. 'Nuff said...

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