Saturday, May 17

MTV's Top 10 Hottest MCs, NO! Kanye West All-Stars, Yes!

MTV's second Top Ten Hottest MCs In The Game list was revealed last night. This highly debated list has fired up the biggest Hip Hop artists, previously shunned, as well as the Hip Hop world. I don't know if it really should. Do you really think a panel of ten MTV experts can legitimately resolve a top ten MC list? Why would any big artist really take this seriously? Sure MTV holds a big influence of the music world, but surely this list does not constitute the only music industry credit. Or does it? I would think the artists and the public would put more clout on MTV's annual music awards than this list. Hey, Kanye blew a fuse at the Grammy's. Now that's a bigger and more emotional stage, don't you think?
Whoever the panel of 10 voters were, and whatever their credentials are, it all comes down to a matter of opinion on what skills and moves makes a great MC, now. Do you really think Big Boy on Power 106 in Los Angeles or Ed Lover on New York's Power 105.1 would have the same list? For that matter, they probably have different ranking requirement for what makes a hot MC; lyrics, flow, content, concerts, record sales, guest spots, style, video or whatever. Let's face it people, it's all about opinion. The list is just coming from an MTV glamorized sewing circle. Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea by MTV to create a buzz in Hip Hop. It's also another way for artists to get publicity, but that's all it is.
I'm surprised when I watch or read about how some MCs like Snoop, who wasn't on it last year, and now The Game, who is not on it this year, get or got heated. I just think if they really gave a shi about opinions they wouldn't have made it this far in the game. It's a nice button if you are one of MTV's Hottest MCs In The Game since last July (the first list), but it doesn't take anything away from the work of the left out artists. MTV knows it's gonna cause controversy, thus news, so they do it. Doesn't any top ten list in music, acting or sports cause controversy? Always. In sports, there's always heated debates for All-Star Teams or MVP's; Lebron or Kobe, A-Rod or Ortiz, LT or Peyton. Shi, sports radio spends days on such topics.
So now this brings me to my idea to take MTV's Top Ten MCs and put my own twist on it. The rankings really F things up. If you really wanna make it a legit list get a larger panel of experts on the voting. Sports have it for MVP voting, and Hollywood has it's actors' guild and academy. I personally prefer the people's choice awards. Hey, but MTV id for kids or kid-minds right?
With that said, I look at the ten hottest MCs as an All-Star Hip Hop Squad for the season. And the sport that can front a top ten line up or team is baseball. No one ranking over anyone. Just 'playas' that have been performing the right moves this year that are deserving to be considered an All-Star. So here's my line up (not rankings!) and why (hope you know baseball):

1) Lil Wayne - Voted #3/2nd yr. (CF) He hustles and is all over, working with everyone. Makes highlights.
2) Young Jeezy - Voted #8/2nd yr. (2b) Getting hits in all situations. Hardest to strike out this season.
3) T.I. - Voted #10/2nd yr. (RF) Proving he's got all-round game, glove/bat. Got rep now like a cannon arm; runners don't even try to run on him anymore. Makes hits with others. Leads in Run Batted In.
4) Kanye West - #1 Vote getter/2nd yr. (SS) Sure hands, sure production. Has the most home runs (ie: Barry Bonds, but with a popular style).
5) Lupe Fiasco - Voted #7/1st year. (LF). Talented playa. Can he keep getting big hits?
6) Snoop Doggy Dog - Voted #5/1st yr. (1B) Veteran playa; oldest, wisest and battle tested. He may not have the young legs, but proved he still got game to get hits.
7) Rick Ross - Voted #4/1st yr. (3b) Finally got noticed. Making spectacular moves on the field this year.
8) Andre 3000 - Voted #9/2nd yr. (C) Knows the game and has the personality/skills to help with playas in the field in any game situation.
9) Jay-Z - Voted #2. (Starting Pitcher) Ace. Most Career wins. Can throw any pitch in the game. Can strike out anyone... ANYONE!
10) 50 Cent - Voted #6. (Closer/DH) Unflappable veteran. Thrives in pressure. Comes with the 100+ mph heat. The game is over when he's brought in to shut opponents down. Also hits home runs when he's up to bat.

Yeah, there were snubs, like Soulja Boy, but I consider him a rookie that's gotta pay his dues. Also, someone still gotta convince me about Andre 3000. He's more of a playa with mad personality that a team needs, but I don't think he's a true starter. So that's my take on MTV's Top Ten Hottest MCs In The Game, now. Doesn't it make more sense?

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