Friday, May 16

Music Archives: 70's Rock - Panama by Van Halen

It was nice to see some kids who watched the movie Super Bad also remember the song (Panama by Van Halen) when the two cops took McLovin for a joy ride. The song was very fitting for that part of the movie. It was good to see the heads of teen kids bop to a rock song when they watched the dvd at a friend's home theater last week. I know, its a different age and generation, but its just rare to see a hard rock song get some respect these days.
Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California in 1972. They enjoyed success from the release of their self titled debut album in 1978. As of 2007 Van Halen has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide and have had the most number one hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Van Halen is the 19th best selling band/artist of all time with sales of over 56 million albums in the USA and is one of five rock bands that have had two albums sell more than 10 million copies in the USA.
Yeah I know, 1984 is not in the 70's but Van Halen started in the 70's.

Here's the original video from 1984, the last album with original members.

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