Tuesday, May 13

New York Knicks - Newest NBA Head Coach - Mike D'Antoni

Mike D'Antoni will be introduced as the new New York Knickerbockers head coach today. I've been reading and hearing more doubters than supporters for this hiring by Donnie Walsh, from all the major sports sources; ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, Fox and local reporters. I'm really irked with the lack of vision some so-called 'experts' have stated. Yes, D'Antoni's system does not fit the existing New York Knick roster. Yes, he does not emphasize defense. Yes, Mark Jackson, a New York native was interviewed for the head coching job. Can anyone of you doubters see past your arm's reach? Not to mention past what you can not see? Stick to your expertise reporting Lebron's playoff stats or CP3's and TP's point guard dual. As far as your opinions on running a sports organization, leave it to people who have lead and managed. Surely, you lack one word: VISION. The Knicks aren't going anywhere with the current roster. Now, is the time to flush out the Isiah era. Do you really think New York and MSG will see a championship anytime soon? Do you really think it can get worse than what has transpired in the Isiah era? Read more and get a fresh outlook.
The hire makes total sense to me. Only ignorant sports fans can not visualize past the current dismal Knick situation. Well, maybe its wishful thinking on my part, a die-hard Knick fan, but it’s a plan with a stronger outlook than Isiah's.
Here's the highlights that I hope to see happen:
Echoes have sounded that D'Antoni likes the University of Memphis point guard Derrick Rose. who he privately admired his abilities to run his system. Here, an attempt to fill a known Knick void, a true point guard. - PRIORITIZE
Donnie Walsh looks at D'Antoni as a connection to the ballers on the USA Basketbal team. Up close access to the great free-agent class of 2010; Chris Paul, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. (Guess who runs the USA team? Jerry Colangelo runs it, and owned the suns when D'antoni was hired there.) hmm? Coincidence? I think not! (Doesnt that overweigh any of Mark Jackson's great hoops skills?) Every team needs a franchise player -LEVERAGE
Steve Nash will be a free agent in 2010 also. Who better to run the system and mentor the next Knick point guard? Reports say D'antoni wants Nash now but, I say wait. The Knicks can get him cheaper in 2010. I didnt know Nash has lived in the offseason in Greenwich Village with his family. - PROVEN LEADERSHIP
D'Antoni is still relatively new to the NBA game. I believe he is driven. He has earned most of his the European leagues honors working with less. So he has that type of development experience. The drive and motivation got him to where he is. - DRIVE
Several mouths like Steve Kerr (Suns' GM) have spoken about the lack of defense in the D'Antoni system. Do you really think he's not aware of this? However, he was ONE Amare-game suspension from getting to the NBA finals 'without any defense'. With Walsh, you can bet that will be adressed. The current Knicks have a bunch of six men already. If they keep or get the ones that play with heart and pride on defense, theyll be ok. - HEART
Im not writing about championships (even though Im thinking it!). So lets get more than 23 wins next year, and we'll be on the right track in my book!!! When 2010 comes and the Knicks are still worse than the NCAA mens champ, then this move is a flop!

Best article ive read so far about D'Antoni: Shortcut to: http://www.nypost.com/seven/05132008/sports/knicks/dash_for_nash_110574.htm

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