Friday, June 6

Sports WaveMaker: 2008 NBA Finals - Celtics Vs. Lakers - Game 1

I am not a big fan of any of these to teams, but as you may know, I am a big pro hoops fan. So this week for the WaveMaker365 sports showcase is on the 2008 NBA finals; the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Boston Celtics. On one hand, I have a dislike for a city and on the other, a dislike for a player. Though I have always enjoyed watching the big three for Boston; KG, Pierce and Allen, I keep hearing "Boston Sucks" (Yankee fan here) and "18-1" (Football Giants fan also). Though I'd like to see Kobe and Phil Jackson never win a championship again because of; Kobe without Shaq and Phil Jackson's Bulls over my 90's Knicks, i think I'd enjoy seeing another having Boston team lose. I won't be routing for Kobe, but routing for the Celtics to lose. KG deserves a ring more than anybody, but not in that uniform.
Now, game one was last night. Celtics 98, Lakers 88. Pierce had an over dramatized injury. To be carried off then come back, was amazing, but I doubt the severity. It was the knee, but I say it was more like hitting your funny bone. I know about knees problems from my deteriorating knees. It does pinch when I land wrong. He said there was a pop, so lets see how bad, if it was a tear he wouldn't have come back in the game.
Kobe was frustrated. The defense was real tight on him. He shot9-24. He says he had open looks that he usually makes, but it does make a difference when he has to work for every attempt. In the fourth quarter, Kobe and the rest of the Lakers reverted back to last years squad's flaws; watch Kobe shoot, no passing. Paul Gasol played soft. He needs to watch some this old school rivalry from the 80's.

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