Saturday, June 7

Countdown Tiesto: In Search of Sunrise - North American Tour

Hey everyone, it's Rikki RooRave again bringing you another weekly music video showcase for Wave Maker 365. Since our Mr. RRowdy is super stoked that he managed to get tickets to see his favorite DJ, Tiesto, on June 26, I'm gonna showcase Tiesto videos this month to amp and ramp up to the concert. Tiesto is going to be in New York City @ Webster Hall; June 25-27. Looks like the 26th and 27th are sold out already.
Here's one dazzling clip at a Tiesto show:

Three more weeks until the real deal... Tiesto puts on the most captivatiing shows. Ravers past and present come out for some great Trance and Techno. I've seen him twice, i'm pretty sure... haha...sshh! Once at a club, and the other at an outdoor festival.
See ya next week!!

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