Saturday, June 21

Countdown Tiesto: In Search Of Sunrise Tour

Its Rikki RooRave once again bringing you my weekly Saturday music show case here on Wavemaker365. Continuing this month's countdown to Tiesto's New York City shows at Webster Hall. Four more days and he is here for three straight nights.

You guys must be so stoked!! I'm stoked by just watching the videos! All of you, like our Mr. RRowdy, were fortunate enough to get Tiesto tickets are going to have an unforgettable experience. I've been to two of his shows when he was still a little bitty DJ.
Go crazy at the show, but same some memory cells to remember it for the rest of us who can't make the shows, pleeeeeez! Pictures pleeeez!


mamadator said...

So did any of you hear about them overselling the event?
I was one of the people who got done over. Purchased my tickets a month ago, was notified yesterday that my tickets won't be valid because they had been oversold. Got my refund today, and am left puzzled.
They blame the promoter, is it possible to hold them responsible for what they did?

MR. RRowdy said...

Overbooking is an unfortunate practice of club promoters. There are several promoters and sub-promoters doing this event. I got my tickets from a good friend at one of the primary promotional groups affiliated with Webster Hall and other NYC clubs. He does admit promoters tend to overbook at clubs, which is different from arenas with assigned seat capacity. It doesnt happen all the time, but for the world's biggest Trance DJ, I am not surprised of your incident. Thanks for the heads up. Now Im gonna really get there extra early for tonight!