Saturday, June 28

Countdown TIESTO: In Search Of Sunrise Tour @ Webster Hall

TOUCH DOWN !! And I'm not talking about football!!
TIESTO has landed!! He was in NYC the last three nights at Webster Hall. Wow! The videos that I have watched from the three shows are so amazing. I'm still so jealous the Mr. RRowdy got to go Thursday night. I'm glad you got to experience a Tiesto concert. I totally feel Mr. RRowdy's review post from yesterday. I spoke to him today and, he told me how sore and tired he was from jumping around in his sweat soaked clothes!! HAHAHAA Those were the good old days!! Dude, I'm glad you got out.
I'd like to hear more on the Tiesto concerts from other people, so give me a shout with your thoughts of Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise Tour concerts, where ever you are from.
Here's a video clip that made say, "Aaahhh, shiii" !! from one of the night's at Webster Hall. Great job whoever recorded this:

I love the "TI-ES-TO" chants!!
This month's Weekly TIESTO countdown was so fun! Let's see what July's theme should be. Anyone got any suggestions? Find out next week. - Rikki RooRave, RRR.

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