Monday, June 16

Sports WaveMaker: Kobe Will Never Be Michael

Since I have seen the most coverage I care to of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in their run to the NBA championship series, this week's WaveMaker365 sports showcase will elaborate more one on the topic that was brought up after Game 4 by ABC announcer Michael Wilbon. He reiterated that you can not compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan because MJ would have never let his team allow an opposing team to comeback from a 24 point deficit (the largest in playoff history).
So let me run with this topic on why Kobe will never be Michael:
1) Leadership - Michael would never let an opposing team comeback from a 24 pt. deficit. Jordan would not have relaxed or allowed his teammates to relax with a large lead. Kobe would like you to believe he’s being unselfish, but really he does not know when to take over or recognize the defenses. Now that this post is after game 5, it was evident Kobe gave up the ball when it was his time to bust out. How did Jordan always find Kerr and Paxson with wide open looks? Let’s not take anything away from the #1 ranked Celtic defense. Which leads to my next point.
2) Defenses – Let see Kobe go through the Eastern Conference of the 90’s. Pistons ‘Bad Boys’; Rodman, Laimbeer, Mahorn, Dumars. Knicks; Oakley, Mason, Ewing, Starks. Heat; Zo, PJ Brown, Mashburn. Indiana Pacers: Reggie and the Davis Boys. The current Western Conference do not play hard nosed defense, except for the Spurs. The flagrant fouls called now were regular fouls in the 90’s.
3) Scottie Pippen – Every great player needs another consistent all-star caliber teamate to run with. Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley did not have one, thus no championships. Shaq had Kobe, then Dwayne Wade. Kobe had Shaq for three rings. Kobe has nobody right now. The Celtics have three all-stars caliber players in their big three: Garnett, Pierce, and Allen. If Kobe stuck it out with Shaq, he would have flourished like Michael with Scottie.
This video shows how MJ always went strong to the hole unlike anyone:

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