Monday, June 9

Kung -Fu Panda is Jack Black

This movie is a big thumbs up. It will entertain the kids for 90 minutes, and excite all the ones taking martial arts, there after. It may not trigger a huge enrollment of Kung Fu students like The Karate Kid did for all the gui-wearing martial arts schools in the 80's, but the message and awareness is the same. The difference today is that families are sold on purchasing the virtual rewards of a martial arts video game over an actual school and the disciplines that comes with it.
Back to the movie, Jack Black was perfect for this movie. He is the voice of Po, the fat panda who dreams of becoming a great Kung Fu fighter, but is stuck working at his father's noodle store. Then he is given a chance to prove himself worthy. Black's wide range of tones and expressions liven up the character. C'mon, he's round, heavy, and enthusiastic! He fits! The fighting and training scenes are clever and genuine. The DreamWorks animation production maintains its high standards. The movie is a genuine film full of slapstick comedy for anyone. It has plenty of original fighting scenes to satisfy Kung Fu movie classic fans as well.
Jack Black should continue to be Po, just like Michael Meyers does Shrek.
Check out the website below. The trailer is great, but the movie is better!

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