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Motivational Quotes: NBA Greats - Magic Johnson

"If you're a competitive person, that stays with you. You don't stop. You always look over your shoulder."

"I never think that there's something I can't do, whether it's beating my opponent one on one or practicing another hour because something about my game is just not right."

Magic Johnson played for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1979 to 1992. When I was watched him play he optimised being a team player and unselfishness. I had never seen the number of improbable shots; game winning in many cases before. He was the starting point guard who was asked to play center in a championship game for Kareem, in Game 6 in the 1980 championship series. It was his rookie year. He finished with 42 points, 15 boards, seven assists and three steals. How many great point guards can do that? That was the game where the world realized that they would be watching in the several years to come, the career of the next Hall of Fame point guard and one of the NBA's greatest players.
Career Highlights, Awards, and Accolades:
Recorded a triple-double in high school at age 15: 36 points, 16 rebounds, 16 assists.
Won a state title with Everett High School.
Led Michigan State to a National title in 1979.
Named to
NBA All-Rookie Team in 1979-80.
Twelve-time NBA All-Star: 1979-80 and 1981-92.
Two-time All-Star Game MVP: 1989-90 and 1991-92.
Five-time NBA champion: 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, and 1988.
Three-time Finals MVP: 1980, 1982, and 1987.
Three-time NBA MVP: 1986-87, 1988-89, and 1989-90.
Nine-time All-NBA First Team: 1983-91.
Led NBA in assists per game four times: 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985-86, and 1986-1987.
Led NBA in steals per game two times: 1980-81 and 1981-82.
Ranks third all-time in NBA history with 10,141 career assists.
Ranks first all-time in NBA history with a career 11.2 assists per game average.
Ranks first all-time in
NBA playoff history with 2,346 career assists.
Ranks second all-time in NBA history with 138 career triple-doubles.
Won a gold medal with the U.S. Men's basketball team, the "Dream Team," at the 1992 Olympic Games.
Named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History in 1996.
Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002.

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