Thursday, June 19

MY WAVES: If you talk the talk...

... you better walk the walk.
I went to watch a friend play volleyball in a corporate league. There were several newly grads playing. You know how I could tell? These were the guys and girls talking a lot of crap; annoying taunts or explicit cheers. And what was worse, they were not that good. Compared to the 40+ yr old team they were were playing, they of course would look decent. Since they swept the match, there was plenty of time for a pick up game. So, I was asked by young kids to be the sixth on the pickup squad versus this talkative team. They tried to intimidate my young looking team. It didn't work. So methodically, the cocky team was silenced to a 15-6 loss. All that talk deflated in 20 minutes. I'm decent, but I didn't do much. Turns out, the two girls and one guy that were doing all the work were all-county high school players.
My competitive juices were flowing because I like shutting up talkers in sports. I know I liked talking crap in my 20's playing sports but I could back it up. Now that I have slower skills, the talk slowed down too. Some young people who talk crap never seem to catch this wave.

Note: I will post on Wednesdays, "MY WAVES"; my insights and personal opinions.

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