Friday, June 27

TIESTO: In Search Of Sunrise Tour @ WEBSTER HALL - NEW YORK

The Tiesto show at Webster Hall was one of those experiences that's sets itself on another level. I'm so glad I made the effort to finally go and see my favorite Trance DJ. It was insane.
I'm sitting here trying to organize my thoughts to write a review deserving of my amazing experience of last night's Tiesto concert at Webster hall. It was simply a phenomenal vibe. Everything went right for me that night. There are so many little details I can review about the night, but I'll stick to the main parts. Im still absorbing all the night's events. First, the entry lines at Webster Hall were fast and organized. Ticket holders (like me) were on one side and the ordered tickets were on the other. My line moved quickly. (Thanks to my friends @ Two check points, green band for 21 and over, then a yellow band for Tiesto admission. Yes, it was sold out, but you could still dance around. The front center was where everyone was packed, as expected. Second, Tiesto came on at midnight and captivated the entire venue in a trance for over three hours. The different tracks he mixed to transition rhythms and sounds were as smooth as advertised; comparing to his other concert footage I've seen. There were at least six times that I can remember (ha), that the crowd exploded from a climatic music surge that Tiesto has been known to do. I totally was feelin' it when everyone was jumping with there hands up, creating a wave of euphoria in the strobe light. (That last line sounds so airy, but the vibe I had was that intense. I tell ya more details if you ask me.) The Webster Hall lighting was not disappointing, but I will say, that a newer club would probably have a better laser light system. The top clubs have more of the 3-D hologram light effects, if you really like eye candy. Third, it was good to see the majority of the people that were in attendance were Tiesto fans, as they should be. However, I was hoping to see better dancers and light shows. Since it was 19 and over, I could tell there were some newbie clubbers, or groups that had one real Tiesto fan.
Who you were or where you are from really didn't matter, because there were plenty moments that night that Tiesto captured and controlled the whole venue all at once. Just like how I remembered it over 10 years ago when clubbers or ravers came out for the DJ and for the love of the music. Now I know what our Rikki RooRave was talking about of a Tiesto show. This concert is definitely gonna be in the top five days(posts) of this year's WaveMaker 365.
Here's a good clip of the opening on Thursday night at Webster Hall:

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