Wednesday, June 4

Wsup Wit Dat? - Thank You... Your Welcome

Yo, wsup peeps. its Jon Loki, everybody's your friendly neighborhood hater. Ya know, I took last month off, because things were all good for me. Ive been busy with other things; vacation and going to concerts. All went mad smooth.
So, last week, I'm renting out dvds. I got heated at the fkn Hollywood video store I go to! I didn't cause a scene but Ive been seeing something reoccurring to me. Its that stupid snotty sounding reply, 'uh-huh' or 'hm-hum' after you say thanks. It is really these people's tones that give me a problem. I mean there happy and obnoxious 'uh-huhs', right? They are usually from women. Last week, it happened at 4-5 different places by check out counter girls!! I can see that they may dislike their job or having a bad day, so they sound pissy.
However, this wack-ass checkout lady at the store put it over the top. She is probably in her 40's. I noticed she says 'Your Welcome' or 'Have a Good Day' when she checks out other people, but when I get up to her, she's mad short with me. Even after I say hello, and say thank you, have a good day to her. She replies with that murmuring 'hm-hmm' to dismiss me. Wsup Wit Dat !?! Im dressed neat and not coming all loud or hard. Man, I wanted to beef with her and slap her with my dvd covers , but I maintained. She definitely sounded snotty on both times Ive seen her. I wish I can find video on you tube as an example.
Seriously if you can't reply politely with a 'Your Welcome' from a courteous 'Thank You', then do not say anything!!! Its such a simple and civilized manner. If you do have that habit, you really wack to me.

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