Saturday, July 5

Music Showcase: Guitar Greats: Jimi Hendrix (1942 – 1970)

Hi everyone! It's me again, Rikki RooRave, presenting a new theme for this month's Music Showcase for Wavemaker 365. On each Saturday of the given month I post my favorite picks based on the theme I'm given by Mr. RRowdy. In May, I covered my favorite Great 70s Rock Songs and in June, I covered DJ Tiesto. For July, the topic is, Great Guitarists. I really welcome this because I'd like to hear more musicians than music artists getting radio time. I'd like to see more real guitar players than virtual guitar heroes. I also don't feel today's rock bands have the same power without a great lead guitar. That's just Rock N' Roll to me.
Everyone is welcome to share their opinions on who belongs on top. So feel free to let me know! I don't bite! I only have four Saturday posts for this, so there's always some one's favorite that gets left out every month, for sure.
I will point out to be on WaveMaker 365 in general, the waves need to be exciting, skilled and one of a kind. No other guitarist has done that more than the great Jimi Hendrix. A true WaveMaker before his time. He played the national anthem in the midst of the Vietnam conflict in America. With this performance it raised pride in the troops. He played this at Woodstock where most opposed the war. Has any musician done anything as heavy?
Jimi Hendrix article in Rolling Stone as the #1 Guitarist of All time.
Check out another one of a kind performance of Jimi Hendrix, lighting his guitar on fire.

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