Friday, July 25

My Waves: Flem or Gem? Movie Review - The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is the latest Batman movie that stars Christian Bale for second time as Batman. Heath Ledger plays an forgettable Joker. I saw it last night.
With any review, I decided to this top 10 list breakdown of my thoughts on the movie. (not in any particular order)
10) Flem or Gem ? A Gem for sure.
9) The best Batman movie yet. Better than Spider Man 3 and X3 for superhero movies. Falls short on my "Thats a fkn good movie" category. (like T2 back in the day or Tranformers from last year)
8) So much, maybe too much. 2hrs and 40 min. Such a high plateau of action and suspense, lowered a climatic ending.
7) Supposedly the original scenes where the joker was supposed to die in was cut out because of Heath Ledger's passing. Is that true? If so, I felt that the ending was lacking something brutal. I want this in rated R!
6) Heath Ledger's performance was outstanding. I saw in Ledger's performance; some Jack Nicholson's playful deranged delivery (as the Joker in the 1989 Batman and a weirdo in The Shining), Brandon Lee's cold and dark heart (The Crow), and Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.
5) It bothered me the way Batman spoke. Christian Bale or Director's call?
4) I did not completely buy in on Bruce Wayne's internal conflict of Hero or Vigilante or Dark Knight. Maybe I'm just not accepting that Batman is a cold hero.
3) Maybe I was so captivated that I felt ripped off that their should be more. Now, isn't that a high remark to give for a movie?
2) Action scenes were top notch on its own, but the movie felt choppy to me. To squeeze all the subplots, I felt there were scenes with things that just popped up. ie: All of a sudden both Rachel and Harvey are kidnapped? Plus, the scene when Gordon advises a wife of a murdered police officer didn't transition well from the previous intense scene with Batman.
1) When I buy it on Blu-Ray I'll probably appreciate it more.

So do you agree, disagree or maybe, at least see my points?

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