Wednesday, July 2

MY WAVES: I'm Still Blogging

First of all, this not one of those PayPerPost articles that I am doing for money. Some of you have emailed me about the PayPerPost icon on the sidebar, and questioned if I am going to use this blog, WaveMaker 365, for posting boring subjects. Yes, WaveMaker365 was approved by PayPerPost and other pay-to-blog sites to be a contributor. NO, I will not be selling out on whack subject matter. Though I hope to increase my writing skills, I do not plan on diluting WaveMaker 365 with random subject matter to get paid. If its a subject matter I'm interested in I'll write about it, with my own unique twist. If this blog starts getting soul-less, I hope to hear from you to tell me that, and I'll just delete it.
With that said, I've been surfing the web for sites that claim they'll pay you for doing just that; surf, click, post, survey, review, blog or basically write online. You can throw out most of the sites that try to sell you on making thousands of dollars in a week. It can happen, but just takes a lot of time to get there. There are great sites like that have their citizens earn points for every click and move they do on that site. Then redeem rewards based on points accumulated. It's a great web based marketing plan, no? I think I'll probably join it sooner than later. There's certain levels you need to reach to get any substantial payment. Like I said, it will take time to do.
I've realized that it is all about high traffic and web site advertising that generates big payments. There some really impressive blogs, like websites, have so much traffic that advertisers pay big bucks for a spot on the site. Just like how a there are million dollar commercials during the Superbowl.
So there are the two things that I am planning to improve for myself and for WaveMaker 365. For myself, I'm trying to find the best legitimate ways to earn income by utilizing websites and online social services. For this blog, I am researching several sites that have been recommended by other blogs and websites that can help me network and generate traffic to WaveMaker 365. I will enter and join active Directories, carnivals or memberships for blogs. So you'll probably see more links of friends and cool sites on the side bar.
I know this is just the tip of the iceberg, but I hope to look back to this post as a gauge for progress. Shii, I didn't think I'd still trying to learn to blog after 6 months!!
For the next half of the year, I plan for the WaveMaker 365 waves to SPREAD OUT, and NOT sell out!!
Thanks for the look,
Mr. RRowdy

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