Wednesday, July 16

My Waves: Winning is Priceless, And Forever

Major League Baseball's 2008 All-Star Game will go down as a classic, I decided to write about it in this week's MY WAVES post. Was that a crazy game or what? Four hours and 50 minutes long. Who stayed up besides me? We must be nuts or sports purists. Baseball can be boring, but not in this game. I enjoyed every extra inning. The Hall of Famers by position was a nice touch. In 15 innings, the American League wins 4 to 3. Old Yankee Stadium's final year to move over to the new stadium in 2009. This is how the record game ended:

All roster players were used. Position players wanted to pitch. It was great to see millionaires self-motivated to win one game. The jubilation after the winning run scored was evident of that. You saw players make great plays because the game presented different situations that were not in a typically well executed game. I loved it. I agree with the no-tie games rule. Baseball like all sports becomes more a war of attrition, than skill. Last night's game was an example of it. Winning is priceless and forever.
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