Monday, July 21

SuperJock Talk: Catcher and Umpire

This is the first post in a new segment for WaveMaker 365 on Mondays. I will label this, "SuperJock Talk". I'll give you some insights and specifics on a sport or game every week that I feel will set you apart on a higher level than the simple minded highlight reel sports fan. This will also help you understand the game more through the athlete's mind or a coach's mind.
I believe I have much to share on my unique perspectives on sports and athlete minds. Many have said to me, like a real coach would. In a world morphing to a bunch of fat kids playing virtual sports, there are way too many who believe they know how to actually play the sport without having ever stepped 'in between the lines' versus a live opponent. I guess this is a skinny of a topic I can elaborate on in my Wednesday My Waves post.
This new segment is motivated by what the recently retired Michael Strahan of the New York Giants had said about his love-hate relationship with reporters. He reiterated that reporters that have never played a single season, or even a single game of high school sports, should not have columns nor radio shows on sports or athletes. I agree. (I certainly have the experience covered easily)
So going forward, this is how the SuperJock Talk post will look like:

Sport: Baseball
Topic: Catcher and Umpire Respect
Play: When the catcher or ump gets hit by a pitch or a foul tip, there is a mutual understanding to give as much time as possible for whomever got hit without calling a timeout. So then you will see the ump ask for new baseballs, clean the plate or adjust his mask to give time for the catcher to shake it off. If the umpire got hit, the catcher will go talk to the pitcher to buy some time for the ump.

Why: This goes back to the old practice in baseball that real baseball players do not rub any part of their body when they get hit. Also, the catcher traditionally is the toughest position to play, so he needs to be the toughest out of all the players. The catcher rarely will admit he's hurt. Lastly, catchers will do all they can to get on the good side of the umps.

Hows that for my first post of SuperJock Talk? Do you see where I'm coming from?

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