Tuesday, July 8

WaveMaker 365 Sports: Play of The Week - Ball On Wall

This is the WaveMaker 365's play of the week (click link for video):

Kevin Youkilis hits a ball that deflects off of Johnny Damon's glove and balances on the left-field fence before falling in for a triple
Funny, how this is not on YouTube or any other file sharing sites. Looks like the NY YES Network and MLB locks down their videos. This is a one of kind play in baseball. I don't know why there isnt a free clean clip of it on the web. Also, everyone was possibly out, Not recording the game at home!! You know what? I was home watching and DVR recorded it. Now someone has to recommend what I need to do transfer it to my PC.
Do you see the ball on the wall in the third frame below?

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