Wednesday, September 17

MY WAVES: Best Excuse To Use For A Traffic Violation

Do you know of good lines to say when an police officer pulls you over for a moving/traffic violation? Have you ever been stopped for turning without signaling, or ran a light that just turned red or did an illegal U-turn or drove just too fast in town? Don't you get more heated because you know your 10 times better than the average driver and you get stopped for a non-ddangerous violation? Now, I want to share my technique and reason that I've been using for years now that has gotten me off some untimely traffic violations. I'm not saying this works 100% of the time but it has gotten me off four of the last five times I've gotten pulled over. So, I want share my best excuse to use for a traffic violation.
C'mon, unless you are female with a supermodel face, an exposed cleavage/leg or a seductive voice, you may have your own ways to get out of a ticket. For the rest of us, try this out the next time you get into 'similar' violations. Here's my best excuse to get out of a traffic ticket:

You U-turned on a double yellow-line street/ sped past a yellow to red light/ turned on a No Turn On Red corner.
What you do: As the cop is walking towards your door, pretend you are on the phone loudly telling somebody to wait for you because a cop just pulled you over.
What you say (to any of the cop's alleging questions): "Hello sir (don't say 'Officer'), I don't know where I'm going... (shrugging your shoulders) I don't know this area... the idiot that I'm supposed to be following just took off without waiting... We were given the worse directions... I just called him to wait."

You don't need to say the last two lines if your not feeling it. Use the first three lines in bold for sure though.
Works best; on a semi-busy to busy town/city street (so you can pretend your friend did drive by), and far from your home town (so you can pretend your not from the area).

The one time I used it and still got a ticket for an illegal turn was because the cop was just on a mission. He immediately asked for my license and stated my violation in the middle of delivering the lines. As you all may know already, No line works for a prick cop!

That's MY WAVES for the week... catch it?

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