Wednesday, September 10


I think in six seasons, I've managed over 10 fantasy football teams. I decided this year I was not going to join any leagues for fun or money. I needed to detox the fantasy football germs out of my system because:

10) I've only won two $ prizes in six years. Good leagues cost a full tank of gas now.
9) Some league commissioners are cheesy with bias friends/GMs/relatives.
8) Is it really that fun on a Saturday night looking for injuries or pickups to beat the next guy to it?
7) I'm tired of seeing over analyzed possibilities of scrubs.
6) It only takes one dumb ass newbie to F the draft or season up in head to head !!
5) 80% percent is draft luck. Non-football peeps can win.
4) F-that waiver wire order and waiting period!
3) Fantasy analysis from non athletes eat me up! Please don't claim you know 'how' to play football by winning a fantasy league.
2) I want to enjoy all the great plays by players that are not on my squad! I forgot how this felt until this past week 1 highlights!
1) I want to route on the teams and players I actually like. I want to be able to be just a fan of the teams and players that I like. Its weird to route for Eli to do bad when I am a Giants fan.

Doesn't all this take something away from the sport? Fantasy baseball was too much for me after two seasons. Now, six years of football, has taken it's toll on me too.

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