Wednesday, September 3

My Waves: New York City Pizza Is The Best !

NOTE: As you all may have noticed, WaveMaker365 took the month of August off to recharge. We hope you haven't totally disconnected from us. My only post was the uncanny resemblance of Eli Manning and Michael Phelps. Now in September, we are charged up and ready to roll.

In this week's MY WAVES, I have to confirm again that New York Pizza is the simply the best. I was so unpleasantly reminded when I was in California last month (One of the reasons why I was not posting). Pizza may have originated in Italy but it has been perfected in New York City. This is explained well in this article in

Many people say it's the dough, but I believe that it is the NYC water that makes a big difference which affects the dough. Non-New Yorkers will probably joke that NYC water is less purified. Well, check again, NYC tap water is in the top fifth of the country for cleanest water. So anyway, I also believed that it was the NY ovens. I've always thought the way older or traditional NY ovens were designed to quickly reach a high concentrated and insulated temperature, made a difference. New Yorkers are always in a rush so I assumed ovens were turned to highest temps to get pizzas cooked faster, thus crispy crust with gooey cheese! The way I am used to. Ive read the design and temp does minimal compared to the gestalt factor. This is a new term I've been reading about a NY pizza oven. New ovens are unable to do this. In time, a pizza oven develops an original flavor and aroma due to the millions of particles and bits to to baking that get absorbed in its walls/floor. This seeps into NY pizza for its unique flavor, thus its uniqueness. Gestalt basically means several random components that make a whole. A similar reason when grillers like to get their bbq grills charred before flame broiling a steak.

If you think your town's pizza's is better than NYC pizza that just tells me you've never had real NYC pizza or your so accustomed to lower standards in pizza. Keep those deep dish, pan cooked, wood burning brick oven pizzas and all those veggie toppings in your area code. Your not having the best pizza in the world unless your ordering in New York City including its five boroughs.

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