Saturday, September 6

Wavemaker365 Music Showcase: Classic Rave Anthems

It is R.R.R., Rikki RooRave!I'm back I'm back I'm baaaaack!! Glad to be back from a one month hiatus in August. For September, my monthly Wavemaker365 Music Showcase will be on Classic Rave Anthems. These were the songs in the late 80s and early 90s that ruled the raves and techno clubs. The same songs that exposed a young teen girl (guess who?) to gravitate to the rave/club/alternative subculture scenes.
I got four songs that will certainly make you old school ravers say, "Ahh Shiiiiii! Back inda days!".
Here you go for week 1 of 4 in September. Dominator by Human Resource (remixed by the Joey Beltram):

Just let you know, if you didn't know, Joey Beltram is definitely one of the pioneers and innovators of techno.
See you next week,
Rikki RooRave

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