Saturday, September 20

WaveMaker365 Music Showcase: Classic Rave Anthems - My Sound by Joey Beltram

I keep on getting stuck on a cool way to present my Music Showcase for the new readers. Follow if you can, read twice if you have to! lol Its the third week, so third song based on this month's theme on Classic Rave tracks. Get it? Like when I started in February, my first month's theme was Classic New Wave songs for WaveMaker365. So on every Saturday of a month, I put on a song or video. Sometimes there is a fifth Saturday, so I get to put on a fifth track. Get it?

Here we go, my specialty! This next track by Joey Beltram (Godfather of Techno) will tell me if you were there. I mean really "there" when this track 'floated' in the airwaves into your auditory nerves sparking an involuntary pulse traveling through your inner to outer limits. It will tell me how old you are too!! HAHA!
My Sound byJoey Beltram, 1991 release.

Aaaah Shiiiii !!! C'mon you know what I' talkin about!! See ya next week!

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