Saturday, September 27

WaveMaker365 Music Showcase: Classic Rave Anthems - Let's Get High by Lords of Acid

Its me again, RikkiRooRave doing my Music Showcase here on WaveMaker365. Continuing this month's category for Classic Rave Anthems, this last choice was a difficult one. C'mon, I only have 4 songs to choose for a monthly theme. Try picking the top four guitarist of all time which I had to do for July. Not an easy task, and very debatable as you all wrote in. I plan to revisit some monthly themes that had people writing me. If you like my Quadrophonia pick the other week, I know you'll know this one too because it was out around the same time, and definitely playing in that same party/club you were in!
It was either Cubik by 808 State or this one. I chose this song because it matches the first three weeks' anthems that packed the floor and made the crowd go in into a frenzy.
Here you go: Let's Get High by Lords of Acid:

I'm old school, and if you are too, did you just say "Ahhh, Shiiii!" ? ?
I hope I got you to reflect on back in the 'daze' !!!
See Ya next week, with an all new Music Showcase Monthly theme !

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