Thursday, September 25

WsupUpWitDat?: Hate your job? Don't take it out on the rest of us?

Yes sir, its is I, Wavemaker365's favorite HATER Supreme, Jon Loki. Instead of writing a long ass WsupWitDat? post like I did in the past, about my incidences that piss me off, I'm just gonna come out swinging to give you the punchline quick. Yeah, Ive been away for months doing some other things but I think owe Mr. RRowdy some posts.
So here you go short and sweet or, raw and rough or, wack and wild, things that make me say WSUPWITDAT? :
I was at the DMV trying to get my license renewed. This girls clerk, maybe in her 20s, rudely tells me to back up 5 feet to read the letters for the vision test. I back up and she rudely tells me to backup some more I'm not at 5 feet. So I'm like WsupWitDat? How am I supposed to know where 5 feet is with no marks on the floor. Rude b--ch! Then she asks me to sign something. Plus she was murmuring her sentences, too lazy to even speak clearly. I had to always ask her to repeat what she said. Then I ask for a pen, and she points smirking with her chin at the cup behind the counter. So I reach around the fkn counter when she could have gotten for me! WsupWitDat? Dumb b--ch! So she starts filing and writing and I'm standing there for a good minute and then looks up at me rolls her eyes with a surprised look and said I'm done. WsupWitDat? This ghetto b--ch needs to be slapped. So I maintained, but couldn't stop myself to retaliate somehow. So with a smile I said, "Thanks. Have a have a nice weekend in the ghetto". Now, I hope she didn't rip my application for my new license!

Breakdown: If you don't like your job or you're having a bad day, land a better job or stay home. If you are working in a services position where your supposed to be helping others and you have a bad attitude, blame yourself for ending up there. Staying in a job with a attitude shows that you're too weak and small-minded to get any better. A courteous or just a competent attitude makes the day go smoother and takes less energy than being defensive and bitchy!! Try flexing a muscle all day, a defensive attitude drains you the same way.

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