Wednesday, October 15


If several cars have a device called a speed governor to limit the vehicle's maximum speed, why can't this be done for all cars at a slower speed? Why not try a 75 mph limit?

a) Saves lives. No more high speed fatalities; joy rides, racing , rushing. There were over 43,000 fatalities last year. Over 80% were due to speeding violations.
b) Saves gas. Less efficient consumption over 75 mph. Gas will never ever get cheaper. Greener!
c) Better car prices. The faster the car the more expensive it gets. Try to reverse this American fallacy that bigger engine and faster car is better. Shii, I can cruise with a Bentley that doesn't do 80mph
d) Less tickets. So what if each police department makes less money on speeding tickets compared saving more lives!
e) Jurisdiction Unity. The highest speed limit is 75 mph in the U.S. So, agreeing on an interstate speed limit should be a cake walk. This isn't like an interstate tax/budget issue where theres several numbers involved. Keep the speed limit signs at every state line so theres not doubt. Germany does it with their neighboring countries!

I know there are several issues involved. I'm very curious how serious a resistance there is to this. Would I have to go up against GM or Ford, like cigarette opponents fight powerful corporations in the tobacco industry?

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