Wednesday, October 1


WaveMaker365 September Review:

MY WAVES - Mr. RRowdy topics were on How to Get out of Moving Violation, NY Pizza, and Fantasy Football Detox.

WaveMaker365 Music Showcase - Rikki RooRave made you say "Ahh Shiii!" with Classic Rave Anthems: Dominator, Quadrophonia, My Sound and Lets Get Hig.

WsupWitDat - Jon Loki posts another one of his experiences that pissed him off an makes him scream, "WsupWitDat!" at the DMV

Weekly Motivational Quotes - Theme was Success using images of the Beijing Olympics; Redeem Team, Japan Softball, Weightlifting and Usain Bolt.

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WaveMaker365 October Preview:

- The Music Showcase on Saturdays. Rikki RooRave will continue her Saturday music/video spotlights. This month's theme will be on Favorite Song Remakes. Shes got four songs for the month that she will reveal every Saturday.

- Weekly Motivational Quotes on Sundays to start the week off. This month's theme is on TIME and/or opportunity.

- My Waves: Mr. RRowdy weekly editorial; society, family, work... who knows?

- Our favorite "Hey-ter" Jon Loki's will again point or more like shout out another social adventure that P'd him off in his post called WsupWitDat.

Plus all the other surprise features to follow...

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