Thursday, November 6


The 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama.
This is the biggest historic moment I have ever experienced in my life time. The world of sports claim that all records are meant to be broken. Now, I can say in culture or society, standards are meant to be broken! For the first time in my life, I personally felt hope and enlightenment for the USA, not just on dealing with political issues, but more for the cultural and social mending.
You don't need to be a minority to relate to this election of an African American. If you have ever been discriminated for just the way you look, I hope you are aware of the magnitude of this presidential election. We hope President Obama will symbolize a new era of equality for all.
If you are an American minority and shed no emotion over this unprecedented event of breaking the color/ethnic barrier in America, then you have been socially disconnected. This event should remove the White America subliminal racial wool from over your eyes!!

Here is a fantastic slide show of front pages of all the major newspapers on the day after the election, November 5, 2008.
Newspaper Headlines of Elections

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